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Modern House

A Firm you can Trust

Free Listing

Top-quality photos make or break a listing and we have you covered. Once you are ready to put your property on the market, we will dispatch our camera crew, absolutely free!

We'll Search for you

Not seeing what you like? Just tell us what you are looking for. With access to thousands of properties from our large realtor database, we do our best to find exactly what you are looking for.

Market Coverage

An extensive marketing team ready to tackle the market to get your property out there. Great exposure!


Your Realtor

Goal-oriented and customer driven

Trust and integrity is a vital part of the Real Estate Industry and these are very important qualities that I uphold. I do my best each day, learning from new experiences, and striving towards achieving our stakeholder's needs.


The team at Origin Caribbean has been guided and trained by industry professionals and recognized by all top-performing agencies. I hope that you chose us as your preferred real estate firm.

- Kevin K


Jameela McDavid


A dedicated team

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Angeles Rubio


Kevin Kroft




Registered and Compliant with Trinidad and Tobago's AML/CFT laws

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Summer House

Niran R

"My work schedule since covid is insane. This agent met me after my shift at 7pm on a Sunday... hands down great service, hilarious guy"

What Our Clients Say

Suburban House

Ainsworth M

"Recently I have had to place two apartments on the rental market. I engaged Real Estate Agent, Kevin Kroft of The Origin Caribbean and they got both taken within 2 weeks. I commend Kevin for his professionalism and efficiency."

Suburban House

Paula T

"The perfect reference from a friend, super helpful. We are doing over our roof and he has not only helped us find a very difficult short term rental that accommodated our Akita, but he also lined us up with a reliable contractor"

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