K-1 Investment opportunity


  • Residential/agricultural
  • Very recent valuation done
  • Freehold
  • 308752.006 sqft
  • Location Pin is accurate; please see the google map image as well


Topographical: Flat to the front sloping to the back

Biche is a very friendly, remote town in Eastern Trinidad with excellent nutritional soil value. These lots can be used for residential or for agricultural. There is also a river that passes through two of the lots being sold (K1 & K3). This property is very good for those looking at a fantastic retirement investment away from the city, that home away from the city, a perfect lake cottage with a small pool!


This land is also great for those looking to expand their investment opportunities into the rural area of Biche, many of the nearby lots have been sold for both residential and agricultural. These lots very easy to find, they are located just outside the main town about five minutes away from the health center and police station opposite the church if you are heading south west ( it will be on your right opposite the church on the hill; view map pin ). Very easy to locate and the lots all have access to the Main Road.


Price listed is based on a recent valuation done in August 2020.

Land for sale in Biche Trinidad

Biche Land K1


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